Miss Lana Poison
Latex Riding Mistress
Latex Riding Mistress

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See your sublime riding mistress in her skin-tight latex riding breeches, in her red latex gloves and with her always loudly clapping riding crop. Put on your latex suit on command and get on all fours in your horse position in front of your latex mistress to greet the black patent booties and the respect-inspiring riding crop. Led around by your latex mistress on your horse harness, your collar, the matching long leash and your gag harness in her kingdom, you will hear the whistling and hissing of the riding crop, as well as feel the burning pain on your latex ass! Before your latex mistress brings you back to your horse stable, she puts her latex legs on your horse back, strokes you the pain of your hot slave ass with her riding crop and you will jerk off all your horse sauce out of your thick slave balls for the countdown.